Orléans Master is an international badminton open championship held annually in Orléans, France since its establishment in 2012. This event is now hosted by CLTO BADMINTON Event.

The Malaysian men’s doubles Zunaidi and Arif upset the French No. 2 seed Popov brothers Christo and Thomas, and joined 6 doubles teams and men’s singles Edil to break into the top 16 of the Orleans Badminton Masters, France.

Zunaidi and Arif eliminated Christo and Tomapov 19-21, 24-22, 21-19 in the men’s doubles opening round on Wednesday, and will compete with Indonesian young duo Benjay and Bryan for the semi-finals . The other men’s doubles, Lv Bingkun and Lei Shenghao, narrowly defeated Czech duo Klar and Mendeli 23-21, 8-21, 21-19; Zheng Yujun and Ye Ruiqing eliminated India’s Iraq 21-19, 17-21, 21-16. Goodness and Cyprus.

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Image Source: China News

Orleans Masters – Malaysia Women’s Doubles

Malaysia also has 3 women’s doubles to win and advance to the second lap. Wu Peiqi and Ye Ling defeated Scotland and England duo Iriano O’Donnell and Liz Doulman 21-18, 21-15.

No. 7 seeds Zhang Qingyu and Zhang Meixin captured Denmark’s Kusk and Schultz 21-14, 21-10; Xiao Zixuan and Luo Yinglu beat Austria’s Ouyang Serena and Hotz 21-9, 21-18 Mel.

In the mixed doubles match, Ye Ruiqing and Zhang Meixin of Denmark’s Westgard and Antonison eliminated 2-0, and competed with Singapore’s Guo Junliang and Jin Yujia for the top 8 qualification.

Malaysian male singles alone

Di Soleku lost to world No. 117 Chinese Taipei player Li Jiahao in 3 rounds and stopped in the top 16 of the Orleans Masters, France.
Malaysia’s men’s and women’s singles are all out
Eddie, ranked 110th in the world, trailed 0-4, 3-9 at the start, although he started to catch up in the second half,
Once approached the opponent 16-18, but lost 3 points in a row at the critical moment and lost the first game 16-21.

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