Pakatan Harapan Youth Chief, Kelvin Yii, said that the 5 manifestos for the youth are mainly the first to be released by Pakatan Harapan before the official announcement of the manifesto for the GE15.

The 5 manifestoes pushed by Pakatan Harapan for the youth mainly focus on the welfare and protection of the country’s younger generation.

Pakatan Harapan Manifesto For Youth

Pakatan Harapan
Image Credit: Malaysiakini

Pakatan Harapan manifestoes for the youth include repealing the 1971 Tertiary Education Act, student travel, accommodation concessions, the climate change act, and assistance in starting a business.

While acknowledging that Pakatan Harapan did make a mistake in failing to deliver on its election manifesto in the last general election, Yii said he believed that under Anwar’s leadership, they would take seriously the manifestos, promises, and proposals related to youth.

Yii also pointed out that in addition to the 5 major manifestos, other manifestos include those related to PTPTN debt disposal, B40 scholarship to reduce dependence on PTPTN loans, pioneer scholarship, increasing opportunities for outstanding SPM, STPM graduates’ further education guarantee and social security guarantee.

Video Credit: Oriental Dialy

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