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Actress Park Min Young has been linked to Mr. Kang, an extremely affluent man, according to dating rumours.

Park Min Young is reportedly dating Mr. Kang, who is regarded as being quite affluent, according to reports from media outlets. According to several media sites, Mr. Kang may be the secret owner of Bithumb, the second-largest bitcoin exchange platform in South Korea. According to reports, Mr. Kang and Park Min Young were having a romantic date at his house. Additionally, it has been claimed that Park Min Young frequently commuted to work from her putative boyfriend Mr. Kang’s residence in the opulent apartment building Hannam The Hill.

On September 28, Dispatch published an article claiming that the actress is dating a successful businessman named “Kang,” along with several claims against him. On September 29, SBS also reported that Park Min Young’s elder sister serves as an outside director for INBIOGEN, one of the organisations Kang is listed as the chairman of.

The following statement was made by Park Min Young’s representative in reaction to the reports:

This is Hook Entertainment CEO Kwon Jin Young.

Regarding actress Park Min Young’s dating news, we apologize for the delayed statement as it took some time for the agency to confirm the facts.

First of all, Park Min Young has broken up with the individual mentioned in the dating rumors.

Also, it is not true at all that actress Park Min Young received significant monetary benefits from the individual.

Her older sister Ms. Park has also submitted her intent to resign from her position as an outside director of INBIOGEN.

For actress Park Min Young, it is currently her top priority to successfully complete filming for her ongoing drama “Love in Contract,” so she will do her best to not cause harm to the broadcast.

Also, the actress will be more cautious about her actions as well as those of her family and everyone else connected to her to diligently show responsibility as an actress and public figure.

We once again ask for your generous understanding in order for actress Park Min Young to fully focus on the remainder of filming for her drama.

“Love in Contract” is Park Min Young’s new rom-com that premiered on September 21. The Wednesday-Thursday drama will run until November 10.


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