Today in KL entertainment station appeared a post, less than an hour of time, on the influx of a large number of netizens leave a message! So far, it has 2000+ likes. Light to see a few keywords, the eyes of the netizens are bright! I am also very interested in this topic!!



Comment: Brother, you just bought a ticket!

Here’s the thing…

A Malaysian netizen said that he tried to buy Gatita‘s “Only fans”, but strangely… Well? Feeling like you’ve been cheated after joining?

After joining, when you are ready to appreciate the fan benefits, you find out how only photos are there? Why do I have to pay for a separate video to watch? The landlord couldn’t help but put an emoji expression that wanted to cry without tears!

This post immediately caused a heated discussion among many netizens!


There is no free lunch in the world, you just bought the admission ticket ~ ~


A monthly subscription of about RM145 is just a ticket!

Immortal messages from many great gods~


^It seems to be a fan of ybb hahahahaha


^What netizens said is too true!


Another Fan of Ms Puiyi came to leave a message~

Have you ever subscribed? Which influencer platform do you think is the most worth subscribing to?

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