Peranakans Culture

The Peranakans culture can be considered the pride of Malaysia. Peranakans is a unique culture formed by the early Chinese migration to Malaysia and the influence of Malay culture. The Culture Camp is organized by Melaka Cultural and Creative Arts Association (MCACA) and iPrima Media as a media partner. In order to promote the culture of Malacca’s Peranakans culture, the theme of the Culture Camp is MCACA Culture Camp 2.0 “Nyonya Style”

The camp will be held from 26 to 28 May 2023 (Friday to Sunday) at Jonker Street, Melaka. A total of 80 campers between the ages of 13 and 21 will be participating. The camp includes teachers and students from Chinese High School Batu Pahat. The camp leader is Ms. Yang Qingxiu and the deputy camp leader is Mr. Huang Renlong. They will lead the camp committee in organizing this culture camp.

To Let People Know More About Peranakans Culture

Peranakans Culture

To fulfill the mission of the association to carry on the past and the future, they will promote the culture of Peranakans in Melaka through activities and games so that more people can understand and know the customs, traditional handicrafts, and food of Peranakans. They will transport participants through the Nyonya era in different ways. The Cultural Camp’s activities include various games, cultural handicraft workshops, and Nyonya pastry making.

The Cultural Camp will be inaugurated on May 26 at 7pm on the stage at Jonker Street. The campers will participate in an outdoor 100-person Tok Panjang to expose more outsiders and tourists to the culture of Peranakans. Participants will have the opportunity to experience wearing Peranakans costumes, taste free Nyonya cakes, participate in traditional games, and enjoy Peranakans traditional dance performances.

Details Of MCACA Culture Camp 2.0 “Nyonya Style”

Date:26th-28th May 2023, (Friday to Sunday)
Venue: Jonker Area, Melaka
Age: 13 To 21 Years Old (80 Participants)
Registration Link: Google Form

Peranakans Culture
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