According to a report in the New Straits Times, PH and BN may have reached an agreement to restore stability and unity in our country. The two coalitions are working on a win-win solution, and it is understood that they also welcome other political parties to join the coalition government, especially those in Sabah and Sarawak.

PH And BN Agreement

Image Credit: Sg News

The agreement between the PH and BN includes

– Carry out all necessary measures to ensure policies, programs, and government directions that uphold the constitution regarding Islamic, Wiccan, or Bumiputera and Malay rulers to preserve the sensitivity and sanctity of Islam, Malays and Bumiputeras, and the monarchy.

– The parliament will not be dissolved until the end of its five-year term.

– The Prime Minister will be an MP from Pakatan Harapan, while a BN leader will fill the position of Deputy Prime Minister.

– BN will lead the Perak and Pahang state governments.

– The allocation of cabinet ministers will be based on the number of seats.

– Any BN MP appointed as a cabinet minister must first be approved by the BN Supreme Council.

– The Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister must be notified of appointments to MPs in Parliament, key positions in the GLC and other government positions, which both must discuss.

– All senior cabinet ministerial positions, finance, family, suburban and regional development, education and defense will be decided by the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister and the distribution will be equitable and commensurate with their abilities and expertise.

– Once the negotiations are concluded, the government composition will include representatives from all parties that will be given senior positions.

It is understood that this was the message conveyed by BN Chairman Ahmad Zahid during his audience with the King.

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