At the realme 618 ceremony conference, in addition to releasing new products, realme also announced the launch of a new logo “realme”. The word “真我” was added in front of the original realme to make the Chinese more prominent. In recent years, the search terms for realme mobile phones have risen significantly.

realme "真我"

It is reported that this name was first voted in the user group when it just returned to the Chinese market in 2019. At that time, six Chinese names were selected, including True Self, Yue Mi, Rui Er Mi, Rui Mi, Rui Mi, Benzhen, and the most popular one was “True Self”.

According to data, the realme brand was established in India on May 4, 2018, and then entered markets such as Thailand, Vietnam, Pakistan and Egypt, and continued to use the English name until it returned to the Chinese market.

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