South Korean band BTS and BLACKPINK are examples of successful bands in Europe and the United States that have become one of the world’s most popular bands. Perhaps the existence of the same top band has led many people to speculate about the relationship between BTS and BlACKPINK and want to link the group together.

BTS member V and BLACKPINK member Jennie went on a date together in Jeju last time, but this time, a photo of BTS member J-Hope and BLACKPINK member Rose has sparked speculation on social media.


Same color nail polish with Rose

It all started with a post on South Korea’s Nate Pann forum, which pointed out that Korean-French chef Pierre Sang posted photos on his social media with BTS member J-Hope and BLACKPINK member Rose.

The photos show the two of them in similar outfits, and viewers noticed that both Hope and Rose wore the same shade of nail polish, even though they hadn’t changed their nails since June until the day the photos were published. It has been suggested that the two ICONS have flirted with each other in the same hue of nail polish, or that they are dating.


However, fans and Internet users on both sides of the rumor called it ‘absolutely ridiculous’, explaining that j-Hope and Rose were not the only celebrities in attendance on the day of the French chef’s event, and that the creator didn’t post any photos of them to make it look like they were dating alone.

The so-called nail polish romance was due to J-Hope’s involvement in the filming of the music video, which was purely coincidental. Rose has been known to date other male idols many times, which has drawn friendly responses from other netizens.


BTS and BLACKPINK are in the same league. Can’t they just be friends? It’s hard to live as a K-pop idol!

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