A buffalo statue in downtown Serian gained some fame after it went viral on social media due to its peculiar facial features. Now the Serian buffalo has become a new attraction for the place. On weekends, even visitors from other places come to visit this buffalo statue.

Serian Buffalo Located At Serian Town

Serian Buffalo
Image Credit: See Hua Daily

The buffalo statue is placed next to the road in the city of Serian. The land belongs to the government. The City Council decided to place a buffalo and a tiger to beautify the area, which was 10 years ago. The tiger was removed due to some Chinese will come to worship it, and later on, some people even pull out the tiger's teeth. 

According to the nearby business association worker, Chua Chuan Yu said, the buffalo has been placed in the area for more than 10 years, and it has always been safe and sound, and recently because some netizens found the expression of the statue was amused and uploaded to the Facebook, which causes a huge repercussion

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