Janna Nick Apologies For Lip Sync During Her Performance at AIM

Apologies For Lip Sync
Image Credit: Afiq Razali

The Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) or Music Industry Awards, one of the most prestigious music awards ceremonies in Malaysia, was recently held on Sunday evening 12th September. Fans will not only get to enjoy performances by some of the biggest names in the music industry, but also witness their favourite artists win one or more awards for their craft.

When it comes to performing, not every artist will admit to doing something wrong on stage. Most people just say they did their best and that’s it, so it takes a lot of courage to admit and apologize for your mistakes. Janna Nick posted her flawless performance on her Instagram and netizens were highly sceptical.

Actress and singer Janna Nick was honoured to be one of the performers in AIM 2022 ceremony. The 27-year-old singer performed her single “Gatal,” which was released on June 28 and became a global hit, and even K-pop artist Psy entered her “Gatal” TikTok challenge. Unfortunately for the singer, netizens noticed that she was actually lip-syncing.

Apologies For Lip Sync
Image Credit: Janna Nick's Instagram

The singer posted a video to her Instagram after the performance, apologizing for shaming the ceremony by lip-syncing instead of singing live. In the caption, she explains why. She started by expressing that she was honoured to be invited to this prestigious awards ceremony, but unfortunately, she lost her voice due to overwork.

Before the awards ceremony, the “Lockdown 2” actress, who was advised to rest after recovering from the flu, resumed filming “Melastik Ke Hatimu 2” and performed in Indonesia and Singapore, suffering health damage and thus losing her voice in the process. Friends and fans of the celebrity commented on Janna’s post, wishing her a speedy recovery and reassuring her that she had done her best.

While Janner could easily cancel her performance, she struggled to regain her voice and perform at the awards show despite knowing the consequences. In related news, the singer won Best Music Video category for her song “Gatal” at music event.

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