Syed Saddiq

The high court has ordered MUDA chairman Syed Saddiq to enter defence for all charges, including breach of trust, misappropriation of funds, and money laundering. He is required to appear in court to defend himself.

The prosecution called a total of 30 witnesses to testify and completed their summons on September 27, while the defense finished its case on October 6.

Syed Saddiq will give sworn evidence from the witness box

Syed Saddiq
Image Credit: Nan Yang Shang Pau

Syed Saddiq was given three options

  1. give sworn evidence from the witness box
  2. give an unsworn statement from the dock where he cannot be cross-examined
  3. choose to remain silent, in which case the court must proceed to convict him.

Lastly, Saddiq chose to give sworn evidence from the witness box, and he will be cross-examined by the prosecution. The defense will call 15 witnesses, and Saddiq will be among them.

The trial dates for Syed Saddiq to enter his defence is fixed on Febuary 22 to 24, March 13 to 14 and April 10 to 14.

Video Credit: KiniTV

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