PKR National Chairman Datuk Seri Anwar pointed out that it often happens all over the country that residents who have lived in private land for decades receive little compensation when they are forcibly evicted. This is because the Malaysian system and laws tend to favor the wealthy. But it cannot protect ordinary people.

He stressed that this is not about changing the prime minister, but about correcting the system and making it more just and more secure for the people. If the people follow the law, compensation can solve the problem, but the law must do justice, and if it is not based on the principle of justice, it will be abused.

Anwar Anwar said in his speech that the Penang state government did not bow to the system and helped the residents to solve the problem during the forced eviction of Kampong Tok Subak residents when he attended the iftar activity at the Tesar Tuk Subak Garden on Sunday night. speech.

The Penang state government upholds a sound system of governance

Penang Chief Minister Tso Kon Yeow said that although the state government was attacked by the hostile party in the Tusubai incident, it also proved that the state government is with the people and is doing its best to help the people solve the challenges and problems they face. There is no betrayal and waste of the people's taxes, there is no 1MDB scandal in Penang, so the people's money eventually goes back to the people. This example also shows the people that good governance can bring good changes to the people.

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He added that the ownership of the title deeds after the residents of Dusubai were relocated to Desa Dusubai, and the authorities are currently going through the procedures of transferring their names to the owners.

In addition, DAP National Chairman and Bagan MP Lim Guan Eng said that as a people-oriented government, Pakatan Harapan will definitely stand with the people, not cronies.

“The Dusubai incident proved that with a people-oriented government, anything can be done.”

“The way of relocating the residents of Dusubai has become a reference example for the state government to handle other similar cases, and has taken the initiative to seek solutions. After Dusubai, the state government has launched at least 3 or 4 housing projects to solve the forced eviction of residents. The problem.”

In 2013, the residents of Kampong Tok Suba received a notice of eviction from the landlord. With the intervention of the state government, the landlord agreed to increase the compensation. Among the residents of Subai, a total of 11 households received free accommodation, and 26 households were subsidized to buy houses.

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