After the acquisition of Twitter, Musk announced the official certification of the “Twitter blue tick” as a fee program, but due to the emergence of many “fake accounts”, the program was stopped urgently.

Musk announced on the 16th of this month that the “blue tick” would make its reappearance on the 29th.

New Version Of Twitter Blue Tick

Twitter Blue Tick
Image Credit: The Wall Street Journal

According to foreign media reports, Musk tweeted that the version of “Twitter Blue Tick” that returns on Nov. 29 will ensure that it is solid.

It also stated that the blue tick would disappear if the verification name was changed in the new version. Twitter will reinstate the “Blue tick” only after confirming that the changed name complies with the Terms of Service. All unpaid ‘blue hooks’ will be removed.

Musk also announced that he would remove a feature that shows the automatic display of the “Twitter for iPhone” or “Twitter for Android” note on posts. He said it was a waste of screen space. He even asked the employees about the message display, and no one knows why it was displayed, so he will be removing this feature.

Video Credit: CNBC TV

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