Upcoming Iphone 14

Upcoming Iphone 14 Series Launch

According to media reports, US technology company Apple plans to launch a new series of upcoming iPhone 14 on September 7. Before this, the increasing tension between China and Taiwan have affected its production line due to shortage of semiconductors. However, United States President Biden had signed $280 billion CHIPS Act to compete with China, bolstering the US domestic chip manufacturing industries.

As reported by Bloomberg that Apple’s new iPhone launch will kicks off during the busiest production in fall, including three new smartwatch Apple Watch series, as well as multiple new versions of MacBook and iPad.

In addition, predictions by various medias report that the new iPhone 14 smartphone will be officially launched for sale a week after the launch.

Meanwhile, some retail store employees have been told to prepare for the launch of new products on the 16th of next month.

At a time of instability for the entire industry, this conference will undoubtedly focus on the iPhone, which has contributed greatly to Apple’s revenue. Inflation and political turmoil have result decline in smartphone sales, but for now, Apple is still outperforming its peers.

It is expected that the conference will still be held online. In the past few weeks, the company’s employees have started recording clips of presentations, the report said.

An Apple spokesperson declined to comment on the timing of the event. Given that there are still about three weeks until the launch, the company’s plans are still likely to change, but it is estimated that it will not exceed the time frame of the first half of September.

Upcoming Iphone 14
Image Credit: Apple
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