Due to the recent weather gradually turning sunny and imports being oversupplied, domestic vegetable prices over the past month fluctuated greatly. Some vegetable retail prices plummeted after the Lunar New Year.

Vegetable traders expect vegetable prices to remain stable and will not drop again. But vegetable farmers have a different view, that vegetable prices may continue to drop, and they may face the risk of loss.

Non-leafy Vegetable Prices Rebound

Vegetable Price

Malaysia Vegetable Federation General Secretary Yang Jun Rong said in an interview with Oriental Daily News that some leafy vegetables prices fell to RM1 to RM2 per kilogram this week, but the prices of non-leafy vegetables, such as tomatoes, croton, cucumbers, etc. have rebounded.

He explained that the price of leafy vegetables would slide significantly due to the recent clear weather, which will increase production. The price of non-leafy vegetables has rebounded because production is gradually controlled, and the supply and demand remain equal.

The chairman of the Yong Ping Vegetable Farmers Association, Mr. Zhan Dahe, believes that besides the clear weather, the price drops due to the government’s cancellation of food import permits, disrupting the balance of supply and demand in the domestic market.

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