Victor Axelsen is the current World No.1. The World Championship tournament is just around the corner. Victor Axelsen decided to change his coach in preparing for the next week’s tournament.

Victor Axelsen was coached by his father-in-law, Kenneth Jonassen before. However, he will not be coached by Kenneth Jonassen in the upcoming event. Instead, his head coach will be Jonassen’s assistant, Thomas Stavangaard.

Victor Axelsen seeks his second world title

Victor Axelsen
Credit: Thestar

Victor Axelsen is the former world champion. He will be seeking a second-world title this time with a different head coach. This raises some interest in whether he will have a different playing style under the new head coach.

According to Victor Axelsen, Kenneth Jonassen has always coached him in all of his previous World Championships. However, Axelsen states that it makes good sense for him to switch his head coach to Thomas Stavangaard as time has passed.

Axelsen won the Tokyo Olympic gold under his former head coach, Kenneth Jonassen. Therefore, there is no doubt that Jonassen was a crucial part of Axelsen’s badminton career.


Victor Axelsen can manage the match himself

Unfortunately, Jonassen has to reduce his time of leading Axelsen as he has undergone hip surgery.

It is important to note that Jonassen is expected to be in Tokyo with the Olympic champion next week. Nevertheless, only Thomas Stavngaard will be allowed to coach during the matches.

According to BAM coaching director, Wong Choong Hann, though a coach would have an impact on how a player performs in a match, the impact may not be as much as a person might think. This is especially true when Axelsen is at the stage in his career where he can overview the match and adjust according to the situation by himself.

Axelsen will open his World Championships Campaign against Liew Daren from Malaysia.

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