(Klang, 19 May) A woman in Shaw Parade in Klang was attacked by a madman, who robbed her mobile phone and used it to attack her head more than 20 times.


Photo Credit: News.Seehua

The victim’s husband wrote in a Facebook that his wife, Voozanodin, was attacked outside Shaw Centrepoint at around 10.30am on Tuesday, May 17.

According to the man, his wife had parked her car in front of a Pizza Hut and was walking to Shaw Centrepoint alone when she was attacked by a strange man on the pedestrian path.

“The man went berserk and beat and kicked his wife, grabbed her mobile phone and beat her on the head more than 20 times, even cutting her right eye, which lasted for 15 minutes.”


He pointed out that his wife tried to get rid of the madman and walked to the gate of the square in a broken and bleeding state. A cleaning worker came forward to help her and took her to a gold shop to rest.

He said his wife contacted her family and was taken to the Emergency room of Klang Central Hospital where she received five stitches for her head wound. Then he went to the Klang South Police District Headquarters to lodge a complaint.

On the other hand, the victim’s husband updated the face book post, claiming that his wife had identified the strange man who attacked her, in fact, he had been accused by netizens of repeatedly exposing his treasure to the public in the street.

He said that as the man was suspected to be mentally disturbed and aggressive towards passers-by, he urged people in Klang to exercise extreme caution when encountering him and contact the Klang police immediately.

Woman confirmed the suspect's appearance

He said that based on reliable information, the male suspect is believed to be a homeless man, thin, dark, with shoulder-length hair, and estimated to be in his 40s.

He added that the police would invoke Article 393 of the Criminal Code to investigate the case. Any member of the public with accurate information about the suspect may contact a nearby police station to provide information.

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