The BAM will be losing another good coach. Wong Choong Hann has confirmed his resignation as the Director of Singles Coaching of the Federation, ending a tenure of almost five years.

He started his tenure as Director of Coaching for the national team in 2018 and moved on to become Director of Singles Coaching last year.

BAM Has Accepts The Resignation Of Wong Choong Hann

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Wong Choong Hann submitted his resignation letter last week, and the Malaysian Federation has accepted his resignation. It is likely that the national singles team will be temporarily taken over by Yap Seng Wan. He will have the support of Cheng Swee Muk and Chua Kee Ho.

Recently, many leaders or coaches have left the national team. Currently, the Director of Doubles Coaching of the Malaysian Badminton Federation is in charge of the national and national youth, while Misbun  oversees the national youth singles team.

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