KL Man Tending In a video, Soya Bean Stall claims that he consumed the dog that a dog rescuer had given him to adopt.

Since not all animals have caring humans to look after them, compassionate rescuers work tirelessly to find them permanent homes.

However, a Malaysian rescuer unintentionally sent a puppy to his death when she surrendered him to a man who professed to adore pets.

Unexpectedly, his affection for dogs extended to eating their meat, as he allegedly claimed that he ultimately consumed the dog.

The shocked saviour was moved to seek retribution for the helpless animal.

Rescuer presented a dog to a soy bean vendor.

A woman by the name of May Ccus wrote on Facebook on Thursday, August 4 about her experience looking for a home for a puppy she had rescued around two years prior.

The Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO), which included varying degrees of restrictions from Mar 2020 to Nov 2021, was in effect at the time.

She ultimately ran upon a man she only knew as Mr. Lee, who worked at a soy bean stand in Taman Connaught, a neighbourhood in Kuala Lumpur’s Cheras district.

He handed the puppy to him for adoption after convincing her that he would adore it.

May wrote on Facebook in January 2021 that she had given the dog to a Mr. Lee who sells soya beans in Taman Connaught because “he loves animals.”

Man claims to have eaten a dog.

May decided to ask Mr. Lee how the puppy was doing after recently running into him again.

She added when he responded that the dog had been killed and made into stew.

She asked him why he didn’t give her the puppy back as she continued to record him on her phone. He responded in the footage she captured,

“You gave me the dog; it’s up to me to do with it what I choose.” 

Dog-eating man promised to take care of the animal.

With an interview with the Malaysian news site World Of Buzz, May stated that she assists in dog rehoming.

She used to find possible adopters from a Shell gas station, but after the MCO she began to walk around.

She then discovered Mr. Lee’s soya bean stand, where she said he “seemed to be really interested” in taking the puppy.

Even more, he expressed his affection for dogs and reassured her that the puppy would be well-cared for.

She was plainly shocked when he admitted to eating dog meat to her on Friday (5 August), so his uncle killed the dog and prepared stew.

They had loved the lunch, he noted as well.

Rescuer seeks justice for the canine

May responded by writing on Facebook that she wanted the dog to receive justice.

May noted that she spoke with the police and was told there wasn’t much they could do due to a lack of proof after internet users recommended her to do so.

She acknowledged to World Of Buzz that she erred by failing to obtain Mr. Lee’s phone number, something she typically does when she meets an adopter so she can check on the dogs.

She didn’t, however, anticipate the dog being consumed.

She told the website that she no longer wanted to assist in rehoming pets because the incident had left her feeling scarred.

Anguish for the dog

Our hearts break for the poor puppy and we hope he didn’t endure too much pain if the man truly did eat the dog as he claimed.

Therefore, if anyone is wondering why prospective adopters are occasionally thoroughly vetted, it is to prevent animals from ending up in the wrong hands.

The dog has gone, but hopefully this will serve as a warning to be more cautious while looking for somebody to care for stray animals.

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