Touch n’ Go Malaysia came under fire after locals flooded social media with claims that they were unable to purchase their new expansion card featuring Near Field Communication (NFC card) despite repeated attempts.

Buying TnG NFC Card is Like Buying Black Pink Concert Tickets

Nfc Card
Image Credit: Touch N' Go

As reported by The Star, a notification was sent to the eWallet app earlier to inform the user that the TnG NFC card will be back in stock in the app on August 25 at 10am. However, the company limits to one card per order for every user.

The new enhanced version of the Touch ‘n Go card essentially allows credit recharging using the NFC-enabled smartphone and the eWallet app, allowing users to bypass reload points at physical locations such as kiosks and retail stores. TnG also mentioned that the new card will have stronger encryption for better security.

During the day, many netizens claims that they cannot purchase the new card and a lot of them are posting their issues and complains all over the social media especially on Twitter.

“Only in Malaysia where we have to buy Touch n’ Go card is like buying Black Pink concert tickets,” @ivor_xianz tweeted while sharing a screenshot of the “Heavy traffic reported” notice which appeared each time users of the e-wallet application tried to order the new cards.

The message reads: “Sorry, but heavy traffic is causing delays in processing your request. Don’t fret. We’re fixing this. Hold tight and try again later.”

Some of them wrote: “Trying to buy a new Touch n’ Go NFC card but I’ve been stuck in the payment stage.”

@MR_MohdHarith wrote “I reached the payment stage seven times and all seven times were unsuccessful. Gave up on getting the NFC card via Touch n’ Go eWallet app”.

@MyTouchnGo at the same time advised public to reach the Touch ‘n Go eWallet Careline Centre at +603-5022 3888 or through their webform link for further assistance and avoid purchasing cards at high prices as some of the cards were spotted sold on the online shopping platform such as Shopee at high prices between RM75 and RM80.

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